Purses and handbags are tools of self-expression as much as they provide shelter for your stuff. We communicate interpretation of ourselves with our possessions every day- From the bag around your shoulder, the hat on your head, and the shoe on your feet. All of these items represent the character we want to play in this world.
After asking some friends their reasons for holding on to one bag, good numbers of them give excuses that since the tool has not fallen apart and since its of neutral colour then what’s the need for another while few others said changing bags cause them to forget/ misplace important stuffs. All of these are just excuses that have solutions. You can put your important stuffs in a cosmetic size purse or bag organizer just so you can move it from one bag to another and you don’t have wait for the bag to fall apart before you change it. So long as it does not match your style then it’s due for change.
Handbags need to be changed as frequently as you change your outfit and hair colour. Since ladies don’t normally keep one hair style and colour for too long, then you definitely need a matching hand bag.

Now I think you should see your handbag as a great tool to add extra interest to your outfit. Let your bag express you. Be classy with your self-expression, portray colours in your style. Match your outfit/ hair with that handbag.
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