We all know it takes some few seconds to make that very first important impression, your outfit is your best bet on making that very first impression that matters, since shoes give the finishing touch to every outfit, it is important to have the essential shoes needed for every of your movement.

Shoe is an important part to all outfits, shoes make a man but not all pair makes essential for daily use some don’t combine well with your cloth while some are too dramatic.  Not to worry i have taking time to highlight some shoes every man need to own and when to wear them to make a stylish man, I’m sure you already own a few from the list and if you own all and combine then well with enough confident you are a man of style.



Oxfords are been characterize by a closed lacing system meaning the flaps of leather containing the lacing eyelets are sewn under the vamp rather than on top of it. Oxford comes in different styles from cap toe to wing tip and so on, in our subsequent article we will take time to talk about the different styles of oxford.  An oxford is generally accepted a more formal shoe compare to all other shoes. They are found in every business meetings and they never fail to impress. To add more sophistication to your casual dress oxfords can also be worn. A black captoe oxford as shown in the picture is a better option for the first pair because it is very versatile and its equally more formal as well as the whole cut oxford compared to other oxford styles. So you are good to pair oxford with your formal outfits.

Monk strap

The single monk strap and the double monk strap are the major types of monk strap shoes though we have other unpopular types. Monk strap has a broad strap that closes across the instep and fastens using a buckle on the outside, the difference between the single and the double is the number of straps used. Monk strap is an intermediate formal shoe which is one of the most versatile dress shoe as it pair well with business casual, less formal business outfit and casuals, a well-polished Monk strap will certainly get noticed since its a very unique dress shoe, for the first pair you would rather go for a double Monk strap cause it offers better fit especially for smaller feet and a shade of brown since its versatile. You would rather not want to wear them on tuxedos since they are less formal and doesn’t go well with shorts you are good to go pairing with denim.


The difference between an oxford and derbies is the lacing system. The derby has an open lacing system inform of two quarters that are sewn on the vamp, unlike oxfords close lacing system. Derby goes well for the formal and informal gatherings but derbies are considered less formal than an oxford. A dark brown derby will be preferable for a first pair, for a more formal setting the plain derby is the most formal of other derbies, it goes well with suit or casual combinations, not bad with denim as well.

Chelsea boot.

Chelsea boot is an ankle length dress shoe with round toes having the vamp and quarters meet near the ankle where they are joined by elastic, the elastic extends to just below the ankle but not all the way down to the sole. Chelsea boot are versatile and can be worn with both formal and casual outfit, this means you won’t be wrong to wear them with your suit. It is adviceable to get the correct size that match your feet, Chelsea boot looks better in black though burgundy is considered for an all-round option. A fitted chinos trouser paired with a Chelsea boot gives a classic look.


Loafers are low lace less shoes. And are considered casual shoes, they are never a formal shoe. The loafer can bench any other dress shoes in the match of the casuals, so every man of style should have a pair of loafer. penny loafer is consider the most preferred for formal gathering, i will suggest a tassel loafers for the first pair cause it does just everything any other loafers will do and my first choice pair with suit, will be tassel loafers before the penny loafers. It is advice able not to wear with tuxedos neither with short.


Just have to add this essential, sneakers is a must have as it is a popular footwear, it’s all around the place, it’s an essential for all man of style as you don’t want to go about looking all formal always, why not go casual with you sneakers. Sneakers are very versatile and i know it goes with everything from jeans, chinos, shorts to suits and others. There are enough types of sneakers do well to identify that which suits your style and your current wardrobe.

If you own the essentials i have highlighted here and you wear them properly you can be called a man of style.


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