The clothe you wear can affect how people perceive you and can also affect how you feel about yourself. You really don’t need to wear the latest trend or have too many wears in your wardrobe before t you can dress well and comfortably, all you need to do is to keep it simple and professional.

Let’s go through the wardrobe of a typical minimalist and see the wears you really need to feel elaborate about your wardrobe. Apart from the night wears in your wardrobe and few play clothe you have here is the list of thirty clothes you need in your wardrobe;


  • A casual dress: keep the dress simple with prints and pattern very small and scanty. With a mix of light and dark colour in the print for versatility.
  • Black dress: it should be suitable for play and work. Either with a short or cap sleeve. Be sure the hem and black line is modest for work.


  • Tank tops: select a black/dark charcoal and white tank tops. If white doesn’t suit then you should go for off white/ cream coloured tank top.
  • Colourful blouses: choose two blouses of different colour that makes you feel good and also works well with both black and white. It should be a bold coloured top and a trendy blouse. This means you have two blouses to spice up your wardrobe.
  • Long sleeve tops: get a black/ dark charcoal long sleeve top and a colourful a colourful long sleeve to lit up your wears.


  • Casual skirt: a drop waist, a line or pencil skirt will be most versatile.
  • Black skirt: get a detailed black skirt that can serve both as office wear and play skirt.
  • Jean trouser: this should be either skinny or a booth-cut trouser.
  • Casual pant: get a taupe pant without external pockets or embellishments such as stitching detail. This can be worn for any occasion.
  • Tailored pants: these should be a well fashioned black pant that fits your style, a taupe or stone pant will work best. You can also for a cream, light brown or pale gray pant instead.
  • Tailored shorts: this should not be casually styled so you can take it from AM-PM. Preferably taupe or stone coloured.


  • Blazers: choose a black three-quarter sleeve and a stone three-quarter sleeve blazer (ensure that the shade of stone is lighter than the stone coloured bottoms). The sleeve should be three-quarter to match with your jean as well as dressier items.
  • Trench coat: this should be short or long length, beige or stone coloured coat to complement your wears. It should be of light materials.
  • Black parker: this should be thicker than the trench for super cold days. For the I-don’t-like-black kind of a person, you can choose a navy coloured parker.
  • Casual jacket: choose a relaxed style of any colour that will complement your coloured blouses.
  • Black cardigan: this should not be too stouchy-looking and should not be kept oversized on you.


  • Everyday tote bag: the tote bag is preferably because of the shine which adds depth and formality to it. It’s better to go for a black and tan tote bag.
  • Small black clutch: if you can’t imagine yourself rocking this then go for a small shoulder bag.



Ballet flats: this be either leather, croc print or classic plain leather. It can be worn on anything

pointy toe black pumps


Black Ankle-strap sandal

Flat sandal: should be in tan or bronze to complement the tan tote


Tan wedge