Hand bags and men is  not as popular compared to handbags and women which are like two best friends that stays together and move together at every movement. Females can hardly do without handbags, which they believe are fashion accessories for them but most men are indifferent about handbags.

Some persons are of the opinion that handbag is a female thing and when men are seen with handbags they tend to ask the type of men they are, but if you may ask me, they are men of style, cause in my opinion men need handbags too and there a several types of purse, handbags for men as well with different shape, size and it will be good to get one that suit your style and function as a man. So, I have taken time to highlight four reasons men should carry handbags.


Pockets were made to put in little important things and not to fill them with cell phones, pen, notebooks, wallets etc. having all of this in your pocket makes it bulky and this is shabby in my opinion no stylish man want to move around the place looking shabby with is pocket all filled up, having your wallet in your back pocket sometimes looks like any extra butt, why not keep the wallet in the purse. Carrying a purse or bag will eliminate bulging pockets and you feel comfortable to move about with your stuffs in your hand bag.


The fact that males have more and bigger pocket in their dresses compare to female with little or no pocket is still not enough reason for men to fill their pocket up, whatever is in those pockets add to the weight of the dress, sometime there are so many things in one’s pocket that the trouser is actually falling off especially for guys with little hips due to the added weight from those stuffs and this can be avoid by putting them in your handbag.


Just because you move about with your phone and probably your wallet only, doesn’t mean that’s all everyone else need to move about with, this days guys move with personal belongings that is as much as that of females, there is need to have a place to put all of those together and to be able to move about with them where ever you go.


Bags are nice fashion accessories as it add glamor to one’s appearance, it comes in various styles, designs and serve different purpose. Carrying handbags or purse is very fashionable as bags have a way of complementing dresses by giving the outfit a unique and dynamic look.

Having your belongings in your purse or handbag and not allowing them distort the shape and fit of your outfit shows fashion sense, do well to get yourself some.

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