Makeup damage the skin around the eyes during sleep, therefore it is very important to wash off cosmetic from the face at night. Mascara dries out at night, making the eyelashes brittle. The lip stick and gloss dehydrates the lips at night. Also the skim of the face may become allergic to all this and may result in acne. The complexion as a result will become dull and the skin pigmentation disrupted. If this continues the skin will age faster. Since skin cell are restored at night there is need to wash the fade at night and apply nourishing cream. This way you are sure to maintain your health and beauty.


Most people have problem selecting skin care product that suit their skin type. In most cases the product leave the skin with some bad side effect and for few people the product may work well with their skin.

That is why I will be recommending this DIY for you to do it yourself and keep that saggy skin of yours firm and even take some years away from your face.

This tip I call the rice water effect. I will state each step of the tip:

  • Rinse a cup of your organic rice with water, to remove the surface dirt of the rice.
  • Then soak the rice in a substantial amount of water for about an hour.
  • Scrub the rice in the water to make the nutrient get into the water.
  • Pour the water into an ice-cube container and put in the freezer for a day
  • Rub at least two ice-cube on your face in a circular motion. Do this in the morning and at night to get the desired result.

The effect may not be immediate but be sure to get a tender and fresh skin after two weeks. It can be used for any skin type.